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“I tried to design the kind of rooms that I never saw in any hotel. I wanted to create the entire concept by myself, from furniture to elusive emotional aspects of the space.”


Artist Sakwut

Sakwut Wisesmanee


Sakwut Wisesmanee is one of the leading contemporary portraitists in Thailand. His exceptional strokes and lines and his unparalleled vision are what sets his works aside from the rest. His portraits have the power to bring out intense emotions hence how it is not unnatural that many of his paintings are standing at breathtaking seven-digit figures. His artworks at Art Mai? Gallery Hotel is displayed and glorified on the Nude Art floor which depicts portraits that evoke strong emotional responses through the power of the brush strokes.


His President Artist Signature Suite was carefully designed and crafted by himself with his personal team to draw out his exclusive style. The interior and furniture were hand-selected by him from the Ralph Lauren lamps to the circular windows overlooking the Nimman alleys, as well as his vintage canvas which he placed in the room as a token of memory from when he was using it during the beginning of his artistic venture.

Artist Sakwut


  • In-room Nespresso Machine

  • In-room Wine Bottle

  • Complimentary Mini-Bar

  • Artist’s Gift


Artist Sakwut


  • Artist Cup

  • Artist T-Shirt

  • Artist Bag

      *Available in Art Shop


Artist Sakwut room highlight


  • All Paintings In Room Are Sakwut’s Real Masterpiece

  • Extra Common Area

  • Hotel’s Largest Room



  • Room with Shower

  • Painting Canvas (let the artist in you run wild!)

  • Unlimited WiFi Access

  • Flat Screen TV

  • Safety Deposit Box

  • Spacious Working Area


ROOM SIZE                     60m²

TOTAL ROOMS               1

OCCUPANCY                   2 adults

BEDDING                          Double

Artist Sakwut
Artist Sakwut wisesmanee
Artist Sakwut wisesmanee
Artist Sakwut wisesmanee
Artist Sakwut
Artist Sakwut wisesmanee
Artist Sakwut wisesmanee
Artist Sakwut wisesmanee
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